4th Global EHS&IH Excellence Summit 2015

Summit Highlights

  • Latest regulatory updates interpretation on national and global environment protection policies and incentives, newly released laws and amendments on complicated environment related issues 2015 onwards.
  • Industry and Trade Enterprise’s Safety Parameters in accordance with national standards by the end of 2015: e.g. safety, backward production capacity, enforcement measures, credit financial aid, etc.
  • Establishing effective EHS Strategies in line with Global Best Practices
  • Addressing Human Factors for Continuous Improvement
  • Actively Caring Together (ACT) Safety program: Potential Severity and employee all-round engagement toward Zero Injuries
  • EEIA (EHS Events Investigation and Analysis) approach
  • Integrating HSE into an Operating System (e.g. Toyota Production System): A manufacturing philosophy that integrates all aspects, including HSE, in a way that produces a step change in results.
  • Managing Occupational Hygiene Risks and Liabilities in Asia
  • Comprehensive Corporate HSE program driving operational excellence and increasing profitability
  • Build a solid corporate global culture that drives H&S practices through BBS
  • Keeping Them Healthy: Fitness for Duty; Managing the Injured Worker: Care Management
  • Wellness: An Essential part of a Comprehensive Safety and Health Program
  • Successfully Handling a Catastrophic Incident to Ensure Business Continuity
  • Introduction and interpretation of most updated workplace health and industrial hygiene laws and regulations, compliance with national and international standards
  • Protecting Your Brand Reputation and Reducing Supply Chain Risks: The Safety Practices of Your Suppliers Matter
  • External Manufacturing & EHS excellence: A supply chain perspective on how EHS&S creates business value and cultural change
  • Machinery Safety: What EHS Managers should know about standards, technology and best practices
  • Process Safety and Operational Risk Management for Business Continuity
  • Real Time and All-round Legal Compliance — EHS laws, regulations latest update and EHS regulatory compliance in China
  • Industrial Hygiene: A Global Perspective
  • How do we define a successful industrial or occupational hygiene program within the workplace?
  • The industrial hygiene best practices categorized by the key practice elements
  • Case Studies on Risk-Assessment Process
  • Best practice sharing from panelists and audience
  • Third Party EHS Management (raw materials supplier, warehouse vendor, contractor, transporter, etc)
  • Global GHS and EU REACH and new chemical substance registration
  • Practical and detailed implementation of psychology in EHS&S
  • Practical and detailed implementation of Safety culture building in China workplace
  • How to convince the management the benefit of EHS excellence is greater than cost? What are the benefits?

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Randal Chan
[javascript protected email address]

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