3rd China Hydrogen Summit 2024

3rd China Hydrogen Summit 2024

With the urgent global demand for clean energy, hydrogen energy has a broad prospect for energy transition, industrial applications, and transport, and hydrogen energy has also become an important solution to combat climate change.

According to Deloitte’s report, by 2050, there will be a US$1.4 trillion market for green hydrogen energy. Key technological breakthroughs in various segments of the hydrogen energy industry are of great significance in reducing the cost of hydrogen production and realising large-scale commercial application of hydrogen energy at an early date.

With the continuous maturity of hydrogen energy technology and the expansion of its application scope, many successful experiences and innovations have emerged in the international arena.

The 3rd China Hydrogen Summit 2024 will bring together about 120 technical experts and business leaders in the hydrogen energy industry to focus on the key areas of hydrogen energy production, storage, transport, etc., and to share the key application areas of hydrogen transport, hydrogen storage, hydrogen industry, etc., and to discuss in-depth the technological innovations, policies and regulations, marketing and promotion, and other topics, It aims to build a global platform to promote international exchanges and co-operation in hydrogen energy technology, promote the green and sustainable development of the hydrogen energy industry, and jointly address the challenges of global climate change and energy security.

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