2nd Sustainable Feedstocks for the future of Chemicals & Plastics

2nd Sustainable Feedstocks for the future of Chemicals & Plastics

Embark on a journey towards a greener future for chemicals and plastics! Explore a landscape of innovation where sustainable feedstocks take center stage, reshaping the very foundation of our industry.

  • Renewable & Biomass Feedstocks
    Strategic investments in feedstock sources and conversion technologies play a crucial role in bridging the gap towards achieving net-zero emissions. Discover the potential of renewable and biomass feedstocks, and the demand for feedstocks security. Embrace a shift towards sustainable alternatives, reducing reliance on traditional fossil-based resources and promoting eco-friendly practices.
  • Carbon Capture & Utilisation: Turning Emissions into Assets
    Utilising captured CO2 as a feedstock can lead to the development of a circular carbon economy, where CO2 emissions become a resource rather than waste. Yet, unlocking the complete potential of CCU demands cooperation among governments, industries, and researchers, coupled with favorable policies and incentives.
  • Chemical Recycling: Reshaping the Plastics Landscape
    While chemical recycling presents promising opportunities, it faces notable challenges. A key obstacle is scalability, where establishing extensive facilities requires significant investments in both infrastructure and technology. Moreover, maintaining consistent feedstock quality is crucial for optimal outcomes, as fluctuations in input materials may impact the final product’s quality.
  • Green Claim Directives
    The proposed directive would require companies to substantiate the voluntary green claims they make in business-to-consumer commercial practices, by complying with a number of requirements regarding their assessment (e.g. taking a life-cycle perspective). Find out what is the impact of EU green claims directive on the chemical sector, plus insights from FMCG customers!
  • Science-Based Targets & EU ETS/CBAM: Global Commitments
    Align with science-based targets and gain first-hand knowledge on the draft SBTi standards for the chemical industry. Navigate the evolving landscape of EU ETS and CBAM regulations to understand the impact it has on the chemicals & plastics industry.

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