2nd China smart finance summit 2022

2nd China smart finance summit 2022

Digital figures are everywhere: mobile apps, automation, self-service, cashless transactions, etc. When these digital, intelligent technologies and tools enter the corporate finance workflow, they naturally make finance faster, more accurate, easier and, to some extent, more cost-effective.

With the process of digitalisation, enterprises accelerate the pace of development and constantly integrate and innovation to enhance their competitive advantage, CFOs and related financial leaders also need to constantly adapt to the new rhythm, integrate various technologies and strategies, and guide financial functions to deliver value in the digital age, so as to further empower the current and future long-term benign competitive survival and development of enterprises.

This summit will gather around 120 executives and experts in financial management and digitalisation area to discuss around topics like “Enterprise Financial Transformation and Smart Upgrading”, “Smart Finance Empowers Business Management and Strategic Development”, “Integrated Financial Performance Management”, “Financial Sharing”, “AI and Blockchain in Corporate Finance”, “Cloud ERP”, ”Successful Practice of Streamlining and Digitizing Financial Operations”, “Deep Business Finance Integration”, “Deep Business Finance Integration”, “Risk Prevention and Control”, “Smart Financial Ecosystem”, etc. Aiming to provide an accurate external communication platform for participants to exchange the methods, practices and experience of smart financial management and innovation in the digital era.


  • 20+ Industry-leading enterprise intelligence sharing
  • 100+ Participants
  • On-site networking with industry leaders and leading-edge enterprises
  • Simultaneous online and offline promotion for more brand exposure

Hot topics

  • Enterprise Financial Transformation and Smart Upgrading
  • Smart Finance Empowers Business Management and Strategic Development
  • Integrated Performance Management Creates Accurate, Intelligent and Efficient Financial Processes
  • Financial Sharing Practice of Integrating Business and Finance
  • Adopting AI in Corporate Finance
  • The Utility of Blockchain in Corporate Finance Processes
  • Digital for Friends, Smart for Peers, Cloud ERP Helps Enterprise Financial Transformation
  • Successful Practices for Streamlining and Digitizing Financial Operations
  • Panel Discussion: the Exploration Practice and Future Prospect of Building a Deep Business Finance
  • Integration Smart Financial System

Official website of the summit: http://www.ecvinternational.com/SmartFinance/cn.html

Contacts: Wes Wei
Tel: 13271915990
Email: marketing@ecvinternational.com

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Wes Wei
[javascript protected email address]

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