2nd China carbon neutral summit 2022

2nd China carbon neutral summit 2022

Coping with climate change has become an urgent challenge for human society in the 21st century, and promoting green development has become a global consensus.

China has actively participated in and guided international cooperation to address climate change, made a commitment to the world to “strive to achieve carbon emission peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060”, gradually improve the “1+N” policy system for carbon emissions peak and carbon neutrality, accelerate energy restructuring to a shift of clean-and-low-carbon energy, and continuously improve resource utilisation efficiency.

At the same time, the national carbon emission trading market, as one of the core policy instruments to realise carbon emission peak and carbon neutrality, becomes more active since its launch in 2021. Data show that as of December 31, 2021, the accumulative turnover of Chinese emission allowances (CEA) in the national carbon market reached 179 million tons, with the turnover exceeding 7.6 billion yuan. The restart of the national CCER market and the establishment of the Marine Carbon Sink Center will also inject new vitality into the carbon trading market and better serve the national green and lo- carbon development strategy.

With the theme of “Energy Management and Carbon Trading Market under Double-Carbon Target”, this summit will provide valuable information and technical guidance for enterprises in realizing carbon neutrality goal and low carbon transition planning by inviting government agencies, industry experts, enterprise executives from industrial manufacturing, energy, chemical industry, automobile, iron and steel and other fields to conduct practical cases sharing in terms of policy planning, standards, latest development situation, enterprise practice, supply chain construction, energy transformation, low-carbon technology solutions of carbon neutrality and carbon trading and how digitisation can help carbon neutrality and other hot topics, so as to make them understand the latest trends and challenges of the industry more clearly and seize the opportunities and manage the adjustment.l


  • 20+ leading enterprises in the industry intelligence sharing
  • 100+ Delegates
  • Conduct on-site communication with industry leaders and cutting-edge enterprises
  • Promote online and offline at the same time to increase brand exposure

Hot topics

  • The Latest Plan and Policy Interpretation of “Double-carbon Target” in China
  • Status Quo Analysis of Carbon Trading Market and Prospect of Development Trend in China
  • Interpretation on How China Green Power Certificate and Green Power Trading Mechanism Help to Realise Carbon Neutrality
  • Changes in Business Operations in the Context of Carbon Neutrality
  • Strategy, Objectives, Paths - the Closed-cycle Approach Organised to Deal With the Double-carbon Challenges; Professional, Independent and Impartial - Enabling Organisations to Build Comparative Advantages and Create Development Opportunities
  • Overall Framework of Dual Carbon Path Optimisation and Sand Table Deduction Technology
  • In a drastic changing society, how could enterprises decouple carbon emission from business growth?
  • Scientific Solutions for Industrial Energy Saving and Emission Reduction to Realise Zero-carbon Plant
  • Panel Discussion: Discussion on Technology Paths for Enterprises to Achieve Double Carbon Targets
  • The Impact of Carbon Taxation on the Business Economy
  • Strategy and Practice of Carbon Reduction in Supply Chain of Automobile Industry
  • Status Quo and Prospect of Development Trend for China’s CCER Trading Market
  • Opportunities and Challenges in the Construction of China’s Carbon Quota Registration System
  • Green Finance Roadmap under Carbon Neutrality Vision
  • Interpretation on the Latest Process of Market-oriented Trading of Marine Carbon Sinks in China
  • Exploration and Practice on How to Participate in Carbon Trading in Iron and Steel Industry
  • How Digital Technology Becomes an Important Support for Enterprises to Realise the Target of Carbon Neutrality
  • Panel Discussion: How to Play a Better Role of Carbon Market and Carbon Finance in the Context of Double Carbon

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