2nd Annual China Green Manufacturing Summit 2013

With the 1st Annual China Green Manufacturing Summit 2012 being concluded last August, we, the organizing committee of APEX International team are hereby launching the 2nd Annual China Green Manufacturing Summit 2013, scheduled to be held on November 14th-15th, Shanghai, China. This upcoming 2nd Annual CGMS 2013 will work as a follow up edition mainly focused on deepening the understanding of clean, energy efficient, green and sustainable manufacturing concept while also function as a platform for learning of the latest regulatory changes (e.g. environmental protection, energy efficiency, clean production laws, etc.) and sharing with each other the best practice in bringing manufacturing to a new level

As extensively discussed in our last edition, Green Manufacturing is of the utmost importance of all the manufacturing industry, ranging from General Manufacturing, Automotive, Electronics, Building, IT & IT Technologies, Mining, Chemicals Water & Water Equipment and Processes, etc, with today’s energy and resources getting more and more scarce, resource optimization and energy saving are playing an increasing big role in our future manufacturing, which is also a crucial step in helping realize green and sustainable green manufacturing. This upcoming 2nd Annual CGMS 2013 will continue and further deepen the discussion on last year’s agenda to concertedly make our manufacturing process more energy & resource efficient, cleaner and more sustainable.

Summit Highlights:

  • Incentives and Regulations in China for the Promotion of Green Manufacturing
  • Safe & sustainable manufacturing — an important part of sustainable development
  • Best Practices in Implementing Green Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Green Manufacturing and Management in Electronics Industry
  • Sustainable Manufacturing in the Automotive and Transport Sector
  • Energy efficiency supply chain & carbon management
  • Green Manufacturing
  • Green Chemistry — Green Principles towards green chemical manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Process Design & Development
  • Automation in Green Manufacturing
  • Waste Minimization and resource conservation
  • Innovative Facility Solutions —- Best Practice

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

James Chan
[javascript protected email address]

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