Prince Charles: Look at energy within circular economy

Britain’s Prince of Wales emphasises the greater need for balanced discussion about how energy is produced in this special video for the Energy Institute in its recent centenary celebration.

hrh prince of wales

Britain’s Prince Charles has stressed the need to look at the role of energy in the society within the context of a circular economy and pointed to the importance of redesigning the supply chain in order to meet the world’s energy requirements.

As part of his message to congratulate the Energy Institute (EI) on reaching its 100 years as an organisation, Prince Charles expressed his views about energy production based on the concept that the natural world is a closed loop system and that everything that humans need are already in existence.

He noted: “The challenge is to redesign the supply chain, develop innovative technologies and generate sufficient renewable energy to use and reuse those molecules, so that we have the closed loops that we need as our population grows.”

EI, a United Kingdom-based professional body for the energy industry, presented the Honorary Fellowship award to Prince Charles in recognition of his contribution to sustainability for more than 40 years.

The Prince also remarked on the values, professionalism and good practices of the institute, particularly in addressing climate change, resource scarcity and a global energy transition.

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