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Shivangi Sultania
The Jaipur-based waste management NGO had faced resistance when it first tried to work with informal workers to solve the city's sanitation problem. As its CSO, Sultania looked into providing better social security for the workers.
skills training
Compared to their counterparts across the region, a significantly lower percentage of employees in Singapore view green skills as being valued by employers, even though 55,000 jobs are set to be created in the city-state over the next decade in response to the growing focus on sustainable development.
Vinamra Srivastava
EB Studio Geographical and cultural realities vary across different cities. Mixing and matching from a pool of innovations creates more tailored sustainability solutions says CapitaLand Investment’s CSO Vinamra Srivastava.
Jacqui Hocking in Australia
For ambitious sustainability professionals anxious to save the world, burnout is an occupational hazard. Social entrepreneur Jacqui Hocking says that without major lifestyle changes she would not be here to tell her story.
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India_recycling_plastic bottles
Asia is well-positioned to play a leading role in advancing the global plastic treaty. Indonesia and India provide good examples of how proactive national action plans can help unlock finance and encourage innovation in the private sector.
An updated law prohibiting forced labour is limited to formal employment relationships. Workers in sectors that are unregulated are not sufficiently protected, nor does the law reach workers who have free movement, but suffer mistreatment.
Workplace inclusion involves making staff feel psychologically safe to voice their opinions.
The Great Recruitment is possible, if company bosses can build an inclusive culture. Pat Dwyer explains how.
Malaysia_unpaid care work_childcare_gender equality
Flexible workplace policies might help improve gender gaps in employment but they can also weaken women's position in the labour market.
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Pretending to be an ESG guru while actually knowing little or nothing about environmental or social issues is known as competency greenwash
Former Monetary Authority of Singapore sustainability chief Darian McBain and recruiter Paddy Balfour tell the Eco-Business podcast why people are exaggerating their ESG expertise and why that's a problem in a key region for sustainable development.
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