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Workers in lorries in Singapore
Advocacy groups have called for a halt to the practice that has resulted in fatalities for migrant workers in past years. Businesses countered that a ban would pile on costs and result in traffic woes.
Women-led companies get a tiny share of venture capital and bank funding in India, but a clutch of initiatives aim to change that.
Glenn Hurowitz, CEO and founder of Mighty Earth
Netflix, Napoleon and solutions engineering: the founder and CEO of conservation group Mighty Earth Glenn Hurowitz explains the model behind convincing the world's biggest carbon polluters to change how they do business.
Sustainability certification that focuses on a whole state is being piloted in Malaysia, with benefits for smallholders and conservation.
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Waste worker_Vietnam_Southeast Asia
New research into selected geographical regions across Vietnam, for example, finds that the majority of plastic waste is being recycled by informal workers in craft villages. These waste pickers need to be given a voice.
India_recycling_plastic bottles
Asia is well-positioned to play a leading role in advancing the global plastic treaty. Indonesia and India provide good examples of how proactive national action plans can help unlock finance and encourage innovation in the private sector.
An updated law prohibiting forced labour is limited to formal employment relationships. Workers in sectors that are unregulated are not sufficiently protected, nor does the law reach workers who have free movement, but suffer mistreatment.
Workplace inclusion involves making staff feel psychologically safe to voice their opinions.
The Great Recruitment is possible, if company bosses can build an inclusive culture. Pat Dwyer explains how.
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Pretending to be an ESG guru while actually knowing little or nothing about environmental or social issues is known as competency greenwash
Former Monetary Authority of Singapore sustainability chief Darian McBain and recruiter Paddy Balfour tell the Eco-Business podcast why people are exaggerating their ESG expertise and why that's a problem in a key region for sustainable development.
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