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Frustrated by slow action on climate threats, youth activists are trying more targeted confrontations with bankers and politicians.
Youth Activist Speech
Youth should be involved in policy decisions that will dramatically impact their lives, says this 18-year-old climate activist. In this interview, she shares about the biggest environmental issues facing New Zealand, and what she’s doing to tackle them.
60 per cent fashion claims greenwashing
Widespread ‘delay-distract-derail’ greenwashing tactics by mega fashion brands detract from industry’s claims about its sustainable practices.
Mental health in sustainability
As people increasingly feel the effect of the climate crisis, environmental activists are turning towards mental wellness to ensure their communities remain resilient.
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barbie dolls inclusivity
Barbie dolls now come in all shapes and sizes, reflecting the diversity of current society. But has Mattel, the company behind the Barbie doll, also adapted to modern corporate standards?
The US owes a massive climate debt. One way to pay it: Let in climate migrants
By making it easier for people to migrate to the United States, President Biden could give a much needed boost to countries hard hit by climate change.
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