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SAFEF launch of new local produce
Businesses are testing out new models that can simplify the way people buy locally-grown food. But will prices be competitive enough, and is buying and eating local in the Singaporean cultural DNA?
Indoor kale
Five years ago, Singapore set out to triple its food production by 2030. Now, output remains low, while profitability seems like a pipe dream for many farmers. What went wrong, and how can we get the agri-tech drive back on track?
Fish farms off Lim Chu Kang
Local food production has stayed at under a third of where Singapore wants it to be. Support measures have returned mixed success, as Eco-Business finds out in a special report on local food production in the city-state.
Lim Chu Kang farm
Read our deep-dive into the country's farming infrastructure – and lack thereof – as part of our special report on local food production in the city-state.
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