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A rethink of global water security is needed as knowledge grows about the role of nature and climate, analysts say.
As theories circulate that climate change could benefit some farmers, one in China’s Northwest faces harsher realities.
Developments in Manila Bay are causing unease in fishing communities hit by shrinking catches and mounting climate risks.
Indonesia's push to build 57 new dams by 2024 could boost water storage and help with floods, but is causing new problems as well.
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Vanuatu 2015 typhoon
Indigenous knowledge has helped guide Pacific Islanders’ resilience and adaptation to changing climates for centuries, but it is still often overlooked.
COP27 put food on the menu, but family farmers need more support as they suffer most from climate change's impacts.
Harjeet Singh_UNClimateChange_LossandDamage
Southeast Asian countries should stand alongside other developing countries and call on richer countries to compensate them for the damaging effects caused by climate change.
Fiji flood
After major setbacks to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Pacific needs fairer access to financing as it fights to overcome climate challenges.
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