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China might bring steel into its carbon market by 2025, forcing the industry to undergo a low-carbon transition.
The steel industry has made a ‘pivotal’ shift towards lower-carbon forms of production, a new report says, but remains short of a 1.5°C-compatible pathway.
Developing countries question whether such measures by rich nations are designed equitably and if they violate global anti-protectionist trade rules.
What is being done to lower the emissions footprint of new buildings, and retrofit old ones with insulation and low carbon-heating?
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A steel manufacturing plants in Indonesia
The transition towards sustainable practices in heavy industries such as steel and cement production is a challenging task. It is called one of the ‘hard to abate’ sectors for this reason.
wind farm Orsted
It's time for companies to earn some climate credibility with genuine net-zero emissions targets that align with science. The planet and corporate survival depends on it, writes Ørsted CEO Mads Nipper.
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