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old and new agri solutions
New and emerging technologies could pave the way to net-zero emissions agriculture in the next two decades, using robotics, electric vehicles, improved crop varieties and distributed monitoring.
Farmers unaware of ozone’s impact on crop loss
Ozone pollution poses a serious threat to crop production and food security, but its invisible, odourless nature leaves farmers unaware.
deforestation kalimantan indonesia5
A new report by Forests & Finance, a coalition of NGOs, has found that weak policies and continued major investments in forest-risk sectors are driving deforestation in Southeast Asia, Latin America and West and Central Africa.
deforestation palm oil indonesia deposit photos
Investment group Green Century used a shareholder proposal strategy to request that JPMorgan Chase issue a public report, outlining how it could improve efforts to reduce negative impacts on biodiversity across its banking portfolios.
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soybean farmer in malawi
As the demand for vegetable oil soars, soybean farmers are deciding whether to sell their products for food or biofuel production. With biofuel producers emerging as the highest bidders, what does this mean for the future of food security?
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