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The world suffered more record-breaking floods, droughts, typhoons, and heatwaves that caused widespread human and economic destruction. Scientists said climate change was largely to blame.
Lakes in Phnom Penh are fast being filled in and parcelled off as prime real estate to wealthy and politically connected individuals.
This year, Bihar extended a seasonal ban on mining sand from its rivers. But illegal sand mining continues every day across the eastern Indian state.
Port Dickson beach sand - before and after
Sarawak is most severely affected by shoreline erosion, and in some instances, entire beachfronts have been 'swallowed' by stronger waves, but its stories and losses have not been well-documented in Malaysia.
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Why is there so much secrecy and controversy around sand extraction? Eco-Business speaks to Madhumitha Ardhanari to find out more about the narrative surrounding sand in Singapore, the largest importer of sand in the world.
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