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The states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh suffered severe damage from floods this monsoon, which has highlighted the effects of illegal sand mining in their river basins.
Singapore's sand stockpile
The first-ever global data platform to map out dredging activities finds that the growing pace of marine sand extraction, driven by Asia, is nearing the natural sand replenishment rate needed to maintain vital marine ecosystems.
As illegal sand mines continue to harm river ecosystems and communities in India, a non-profit initiative launching this month empowers journalists, activists and concerned citizens with data.
Marine conservation and fisheries activists in Indonesia are pushing for exports of sea sand to be scrapped, saying the activity harms the environment and community livelihoods.
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Madhumitha Ardhanari, sustainability strategist and land reclamation researcher
In a speech at Singapore's climate rally, Madhumitha Ardhanari asked her audience to dream of a Singapore that thrives within planetary boundaries, is a better regional environmental neighbour, and reconsiders what progress means beyond economic growth.
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land reclamation SG
Why is there so much secrecy and controversy around sand extraction? Eco-Business speaks to Madhumitha Ardhanari to find out more about the narrative surrounding sand in Singapore, the largest importer of sand in the world.
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