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Subsidies that harm nature and the environment cost the world an estimated US$1.8tn each year – the equivalent of the entire GDP of Canada.
UN plastics treaty negotiations resume in Paris to protect the environment from worsening impacts of waste worldwide.
Climate change action demands stricter emissions control of Asia Pacific’s coal burners, say analysts.
epira protest
Watchdog representatives point to the multilateral lender’s wanting track record in ensuring that project-affected communities are adequately consulted when private sector players are involved. The ADB says that a traditional model of lending and grant-making is no longer sufficient to meet funding needs.
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Kenya safari
Once again, climate scientists have warned that time is running out in the global race to stay ahead of catastrophic climate change. While Kenya and many other countries in the Global South could play a major role in solving the problem, more must be done to unlock that potential.
As countries prepare to meet this month to work on the first global agreement to end plastic pollution, the perspectives of South Asia must be heard loud and clear.
Greater efforts to limit death and destruction from disasters will help us protect development progress and adapt to climate change.
Countries like Colombia should plan to provide for communities whose livelihoods were previously tied to fossil fuels.
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EB Podcast with Elena Philipova, director of sustainable finance, Refinitiv
It is no longer business as usual when it comes to how we tackle climate change and rising global temperatures. Eco-Business speaks to Elena Philipova of Refinitiv about how data can ensure countries and businesses are delivering on pledges to decarbonise.
The Eco-Business Podcast
Eco-Business talks to Peter Kiernan, lead energy analyst for the Economist Intelligence Unit, to unpack a new landmark report from the International Energy Agency, which proposes an immediate ban on fossil fuels extraction to curb global warming.
Eco-Business Podcast with Assaad Razzouk
Eco-Business talks to 'angry clean energy guy' Assaad Razzouk about the flaws in much-hyped climate change solutions, and how to fix them.
Blackrock podcast
Exclusive The world's largest asset manager says it has put sustainability at the core of its investment approach. Eco-Business speaks to Shinbo Won, BlackRock's investment stewardship director in Singapore about what this means for investors, and how companies are responding to increased ESG pressure.
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