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Experts say that poverty, societal attitudes and gender norms have made it harder for women in Pakistan to cope with the impacts of climate change, in this report on International Women’s Day.
In India, urban farming has seen some traction across states, but rapid development and the need to make urban agriculture viable mean the contours of official policy on it must be shaped.
Could growing more traditional and indigenous crops help Nepal boost food sustainability as climate change worsens?
Excessive use of chemical fertilisers is causing soil health degradation in Bangladesh, putting the country’s food security at risk.
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As the planet heats, food security is weakening and the threat of hunger is growing.
Dead fish killed by microplastic
More Indonesians are eating fish as part of their regular diet but microplastics do make it risky. There are ways to mitigate that risk.
Supporting start-ups can accelerate innovation and bring solutions to market faster, before our planet reaches its best before date.
Maple trees in autumn
The impacts of climate change have seeped into the maple syrup industry, as the tapping season is dependent on weather conditions. What will happen to this increasingly popular substitute for sugar?
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