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The country's energy transition makes economic sense but will require effective coordination and huge upfront investments, especially from the private sector.
Joko Widodo and Masatsugu Asakawa
At the G20 summit, the Energy Transition Mechanism Country Platform was launched and developed countries led by the United States and Japan also announced a US$20 billion package to Indonesia to help fund the coal-dependent country’s shift to renewable energy.
vietnam farmers
The number of people living on under US$1.90 a day has risen for the second year in a row. Inequality could worsen across generations as retrenched workers stagnate and opportunities for the poor continue to slip away.
Wind farm, energy transition outlook

Policy & Finance

The impact revolution

EB Studio Impact investing has become a hot strategy in fund management, with profit meeting purpose. But Asia remains underserved.
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Oskarshamn nuclear power station
To accelerate the net-zero transition and reduce Russia and China's global influence as the world’s leading providers of nuclear projects, shareholder governments must reconsider their outdated stance against the technology.
World Bank IMF 2022 development committee meeting
The world needs a global system that engenders security, promotes sustainability, and absorbs shocks. The Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank is a good place to start in making practical changes.
COP27 protests_02
Investments into adaptation will fall short of what is needed if it is only reliant on governments and multilateral organisations. There is a clear business case for the private sector to step up.
Climate change-induced drought in Mongolia
The fallout from Covid-19, climate change and conflicts are no longer isolated pockets of misery. We need a new multilateral system – one mirroring national schemes on taxes, incentives and accountability – to provide global public goods.
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