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EB Studio Humanity isn't doing nearly enough to stem global warming, says the president of the Environmental Defense Fund. He speaks on EDF's efforts in Asia to tackle methane emissions and what the organisation hopes to uncover with its upcoming methane-tracking satellite.
Ku Kok Peng, Kuala Lumpur Kepong Bhd, Malaysia
Exclusive The group will soon announce commitments to decarbonise across the entire value chain, and improve its traceability and human rights policies, says Ku Kok Peng, who took up the CSO role in March last year.
Rong Doi offshore gas flare
EB Studio Several fixes to methane leaks in the fuels sector can quickly pay for themselves, but stronger awareness and regulations are needed to get the industry in the region moving, experts say.
Panellists at Google Sustainability Summit – Net Zero Through Digitalisation in Singapore
EB Studio Technology is a double-edged sword in the context of sustainability. While large amounts of energy are needed to power today’s digital economy, technology also presents solutions that can address climate change, said experts at a roundtable discussion in Singapore.
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Concerns grow that the summit, hosted by a fossil fuel nation, may fall short for the communities worst-hit by climate devastation.
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Many ASEAN countries have adopted ambitious goals to cut their methane emissions but they might need to use diverse approaches to address the issue.
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In the context of climate change, initiatives towards reducing methane emissions have often been side-lined, so why is it that methane is now taking the centre stage?
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