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As Bangladesh faces increasingly extreme weather from floods to storms, psychologists fear rise in anxiety and depression.
India's farmers face mounting losses as drought worsens, with some even driven to suicide, spurring calls for social protection to ease the pressure.
More Filipinas are getting involved in STEM but continue to struggle against social attitudes in school and in the workplace.
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Compared to their counterparts across the region, a significantly lower percentage of employees in Singapore view green skills as being valued by employers, even though 55,000 jobs are set to be created in the city-state over the next decade in response to the growing focus on sustainable development.
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It is particularly important for emerging economies like Indonesia that has a large youth population to address the issue of eco-anxiety, often driven by a perceived lack of political will and action from those in power.
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The comedy-drama film mirrors many psychological effects of climate change. It may also point a way forward, in acknowledging fundamental unfairness, loss and an inability to control the past.
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There must be a balance between sufficient anxiety to promote positive and urgent change in people’s behaviour, and not so much as to create paralysis. How we communicate facts matters, these researchers say.
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The climate crisis is impacting the prevalence of a variety of diseases including respiratory conditions, some cancers, kidney disease, vector-borne illnesses and mental health.
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