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Womangrove Indonesia
The Womangrove collective focuses on replanting abandoned shrimp and fish farms that were originally established in cleared mangrove areas, and have to date planted more than 110,000 seedlings.
Log yard for illegal logging
Possible explanations include lack of capacity and resources for communities to manage their forests, as well as lack of financial incentives for them to not clear their forests.
Mekong river at sunset
Global wildlife trade authority CITES held a virtual workshop for customs agents and inspections officials in the Lower Mekong region of Southeast Asia on the physical inspection of timber shipments in October.
palm oil plantation in indonesia
Environmental groups around the world have urged the ADB to impose stricter environmental and social requirements for the project to reduce its expected impacts on the environment and the Indigenous communities living in the region.
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borneo project field technicians
Indigenous communities in Sarawak have been monitoring their forests for the past year, gathering data to counter a logging company's assumptions about the value of their traditional lands.
Long Tungan flooding
As indigenous communities in Sarawak deal with the second flooding of the year, they also face legal harassment by timber giant Samling in an unprecedented move that seems designed to silence criticism.
Forests cleared along Oregon’s Coast Range in the US
Permanently protecting large, mature forests is a faster and cheaper way to stabilise Earth's climate than complex carbon capture and storage schemes, and more effective than planting new trees.
Sual 1 coal plant Pangasinan, Philippines
Ahead of the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow in November, Eco-Business highlights some of the major issues the Southeast Asian country must address to attain its vision of a low-carbon future.
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