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Before Sunday’s general election, the Bio-Circular-Green Economic model faces accusations of greenwashing and inequity.
flash floods turkey
Communities in Asia and least developed countries that contribute least to climate change are among those 15 times more likely to die from natural disasters, said the IPCC in the final part of its sixth assessment report.
Uni Students For Climate Justice
Talks at COP26 are deadlocked between developed and developing countries over finance, endangering progress.
Green Rwanda Delegation at COP25
At climate negotiations, countries align in blocs. These will underpin the dynamics at COP26.
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FIFA World Cup 2022
Some claims about cutting greenhouse gases – by businesses, countries and even the football World Cup – may be hot air. Dynamic new technology holds the key to verifying the data, stashing it securely, and unleashing its full potential.
A wind farm in France
A carbon tax does not a model country make. In the case of France and Sweden, it obscures issues of outsourced emissions, historical responsibility for climate change and the social inequality, argues Fabrice Flipo.
Climate changed: Paris Agreement 2015
Would renegotiating the Paris Agreement be an opportunity to craft a binding and enforceable agreement, asks North-West University's Ilyayambwa Mwanawina.
People of Pittsburgh cooling off in a public water fountain
No President, no problem: Following Trump's announcement that the US would quit the Paris Agreement, mayors around the world are pledging to step up. Here's why cities care about climate change and how that's a good thing for all of us.
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climate neutral now
The UN has launched a portal that makes reducing one’s carbon footprint as easy as shopping online.
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