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Dutch airline KLM was one of the first companies to get into trouble for using carbon offsets to claim that air travel was "carbon neutral".
A report on how Asia's finance industry can navigate misleading ESG claims presents consumers and regulators with new headaches to remedy as greenwashing evolves and intensifies. But tackling greenwash in Asia cannot be left to regulators alone, experts say.
Korean cosmetics brand inscribed "Hello, I‘m Paper Bottle” on the side of a bottle that had a plastic lining.
EB Studio A company’s ESG data can go beyond mandatory tracking and disclosing purposes – it can guide them in their emissions reduction and transitioning strategies, and help them avoid any consequences that may result from greenwashing.
Big companies branding themselves as climate leaders often have patchy plans to fulfil their promises, according to new research.
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Some say ESG is in need of a rethink. There are others who have outrightly called it a 'scam'. In 2022, ESG investing made the headlines for all the wrong reasons. But might there still be value in defending the concept?
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Action against greenwashing in Asia
Japan-based academic Kim Schumacher, who coined the term "competence greenwashing", believes that the pursuit of societal harmony might be standing in the way of Asia calling out greenwashing. He tells the Eco-Business Podcast how exaggerated ESG claims are likely to be tackled in 2023 and beyond.
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