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CSOs outlook 2024
Asia’s sustainability heads foresee some relief from reporting burdens this year, but articulating the financial value of social, biodiversity and climate-related impacts, engaging suppliers and staying ahead of regulations will keep them busy.
Greenwashing year-ender 2023
Western courtrooms grew busier processing cases of greenwashing. In Asia, regulators and policymakers also started to think seriously about how to police exaggerated sustainability claims.
Singapore Marina Bay Finance Centre Towers
Funders in the region see weak sustainability ratings of prospective assets as an opportunity to overhaul their ESG practices and add market value, rather than a reason to exclude them.
Dutch airline KLM was one of the first companies to get into trouble for using carbon offsets to claim that air travel was "carbon neutral".
A report on how Asia's finance industry can navigate misleading ESG claims presents consumers and regulators with new headaches to remedy as greenwashing evolves and intensifies. But tackling greenwash in Asia cannot be left to regulators alone, experts say.
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Action against greenwashing in Asia
Japan-based academic Kim Schumacher, who coined the term "competence greenwashing", believes that the pursuit of societal harmony might be standing in the way of Asia calling out greenwashing. He tells the Eco-Business Podcast how exaggerated ESG claims are likely to be tackled in 2023 and beyond.
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