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Eufrocinio Bernabe Jr, assistant secretary at the Department of Finance, making a pitch for the Maharlika Investment Fund at 'Unlocking capital for sustainability' Philippines, says it is an additional source of capital for renewables.
Russia's war in Ukraine threatens to overshadow pressing climate concerns at the annual gathering. Experts and G20 sherpas say it will be a missed opportunity for India if it does not deliver a strong-enough consensus for the sustainability agenda.
Sembcorp Energy India Limited (SEIL) coal plant SLBs
Increasing investor scrutiny, alongside macroeconomic uncertainty, has led to a slowdown in the issuance of sustainability-linked bonds globally. How can this emerging financing instrument be structured to ensure greater transparency?
10 megawatt solar farm in Pampanga, Philippines
The Philippines' third largest bank issues a green bond to finance renewable energy and electric vehicles in the IFC’s biggest deal with a financial institution in the country yet.
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It is no exaggeration to say that the GCF’s replenishment campaign is a test of the world’s commitment to combating global warming. A successful outcome would not only help close the massive global climate financing gap, but would also allow developed countries to rebuild trust by showing that they understand the urgency of the crisis.
Linking work on nature and climate goals to debt repayment could give indebted countries the space they need to build resilience.
The first auction on Malaysia’s new voluntary carbon market, the Bursa Carbon Exchange (BCX), took place on 16 March, with around RM7.7 million in carbon credits sold.
Sunrise at Central Thailand Solar Farm
Southeast Asia countries have spent little of their COVID-19 recovery funds on sustainable development. There is still time to turn the pandemic into an opportunity.
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