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Treatment plants are either non-existent or inefficient and underused, meaning Bangladesh’s garment industry continues to discharge highly polluting wastewater.
Bantar Gebang landfill
Around 3,000 waste pickers work Bantar Gebang landfill, east of Jakarta. They earn a few dollars a day salvaging recyclables and face a range of dangers, from landslides to lightning. The role they play in society is undervalued, say experts.
Covid-19 has not gone away but the public health emergency could end in 2023, say health leaders. However, China remains a cause for concern.
A smartphone-operated spectrometer has been developed to detect changes in blood caused by malaria.
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Climate-driven migration and shrinking animal habitats increase the risk that viruses and bacteria will jump from animal hosts to humans–just as SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, likely did.
Covid test_Shenzhen_China
China and the United States cooperated for many years on health issues and it is in the world's best interests they continue.
Dengue prevention_mosquito fogging_thailand
As the world warms, diseases transmitted by insects may spread. For World Health Day, we look at how certain prevention strategies can break the link between climate change and animal diseases which spread to humans.
Antibiotic resistance
Climate change is not the only slow-moving crisis to reach a tipping point thanks to corporate greed and a lack of urgency. The difficulty in tackling antimicrobial resistance is similar to taking on the climate crisis, writes Muhammad Hamid Zaman.

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