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New state initiative looks to improve access to medical care, particularly for communities impacted by years of mining.
Villagers claim their health has suffered as a result of the Chatree mining complex's operations, with mass blood tests confirming that a majority of those tested exhibited elevated levels of arsenic, manganese and cyanide.
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Mammals forced to move to cooler climes amid global warming are “already” spreading their viruses further – with “undoubtable” impacts for human health, a new study says.
Water shortages in the Himalayan state are disrupting healthcare, with hospitals unable to ensure basic hygiene practices. As the climate changes and the water table is disrupted, a water crisis could trigger a healthcare crisis.
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As the world warms, diseases transmitted by insects may spread. For World Health Day, we look at how certain prevention strategies can break the link between climate change and animal diseases which spread to humans.
Antibiotic resistance
Climate change is not the only slow-moving crisis to reach a tipping point thanks to corporate greed and a lack of urgency. The difficulty in tackling antimicrobial resistance is similar to taking on the climate crisis, writes Muhammad Hamid Zaman.
Scientists sceptical of new bat study linking climate change to Covid-19 emergence
Human encroachment into wildlife habitats and economic growth are among the main drivers of the emergence of pandemics. We could face greater risks if we pass diseases to wild animals.
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Help India now

The international community must join forces and develop a collective approach to help India address its Covid-19 crisis, not only for moral reasons, but also because the health of other countries’ populations and economies are at stake.

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Meat is mayhem

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