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Solar-powered charging kiosks are providing electricity in the southern African country, even on cloudy days.
Amid global calls to end coal dependency, new projections show it will remain India's biggest source of power by 2030, even as renewable energy grows.
Nepal has withdrawn hydro projects from Chinese developers and awarded more to Indian firms as New Delhi moves ahead of Beijing.
As Jammu and Kashmir authorities prepare to mine lithium in Reasi, locals fear negative environmental and social impacts, given the history of large infrastructure projects in the hilly district.
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India has told Pakistan that it wants to modify the treaty that regulates use of the shared river – an escalation of a years-long dispute.
China is crafting “wonderful stories” about its upstream dams in the Mekong. But the overall thrust of the narrative glosses over the more controversial aspects of dam building.
Aftermath of Bangkok floods 2011
Rising sea levels will affect many Asian countries, particularly those in Southeast Asia. There needs to be fresh approaches and policies to manage what is termed a 'super wicked problem'.
flooding in the netherlands
If this year’s flooding and wildfires came as a surprise to inhabitants of rich countries, that is because the modern political compact was built on effective water management.
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SNAP-Magat Power floating solar
A country that is hit by 20 typhoons a year is looking to its lakes, reservoirs and dams to trial the latest solar technology.
ghana mining chinese
An influx of illegal Chinese miners, attracted by the abundance of gold, has ignited bloody conflicts with the …
women for results
A group of women worldwide are taking action to improve their lives by helping address climate change issues, such as the '1 Million Women' movement in Australia. Watch this video.
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