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Indus and Zanskar rivers
Many gaps remain, many discredited ideas are pushed, but a look from the river basin perspective a step forward in the latest report by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Water Resources.
global witness 2020
In 2020, 227 land and environmental defenders were killed in 2020—an average of more than four a week. In Asia, the Philippines is the most dangerous country for environmental activists.
hydropower plant on Nam Theun river in Laos PDR
In early July 2021, Chinese dams began restricting the flow of the Upper Mekong. Researchers and activists say the consequences downstream are unknown and potentially severe.
Nabaoy River
A subsidiary of the San Miguel Corporation, one of the largest companies in the Philippines, has proposed a US$500 million hydroelectric project that will overlap with a national park on Panay Island.
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flooding in the netherlands
If this year’s flooding and wildfires came as a surprise to inhabitants of rich countries, that is because the modern political compact was built on effective water management.
yangtze river at dusk
China has assumed a war footing in preparation for a potentially catastrophic flooding crisis in the Yangtze River Basin. Though its flood-control systems most likely won't fail completely, the possibility that they could is a wake-up call.
flood australia
In the aftermath of a disaster, low-income earners, small-business owners and part-time workers on average, lost significant income as compared to those with higher incomes. Here's why recovery aid may contribute to widening the income gap.
water shortage myanmar
More than 100 million people live without access to safe water in Southeast Asia. What can be done to improve that and to protect clean water sources?
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SNAP-Magat Power floating solar
A country that is hit by 20 typhoons a year is looking to its lakes, reservoirs and dams to trial the latest solar technology.
ghana mining chinese
An influx of illegal Chinese miners, attracted by the abundance of gold, has ignited bloody conflicts with the …
women for results
A group of women worldwide are taking action to improve their lives by helping address climate change issues, such as the '1 Million Women' movement in Australia. Watch this video.
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