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Climate change impacts threaten to overwhelm humanitarian aid systems – but changes in how money is moved could help.
Ahead of the coronation of Britain's King Charles, a new report shows the economic toll of climate change on Commonwealth nations.
In the run up to the second transitional committee meeting on 24 May in Europe, civil society seeks financing for climate-vulnerable countries that do not come in the form of loans, as well as for a more influential role for grassroots representatives.
Despite informal pressure to bring forward its 2070 net-zero target, India is unlikely to do that at this year’s G20 summit – but the country’s energy transition could accelerate change at the global scale.
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Last year’s UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) ended with a historic agreement to provide financial assistance to developing countries suffering the adverse effects of global warming. But to ensure the fund operates as intended, it is crucial to enter COP28 with a clear, detailed, and unified strategy for implementation.
Vietnam wind turbine towers
Asean countries can take advantage of climate financing opportunities that emerged at the latest COP and prepare an investment-ready environment for clean energy development.
Without a concerted effort by governments and international financial institutions to harmonise standards and strengthen incentives for investments in decarbonisation across the developing world, mid-century net-zero targets will slip out of reach. Three issues, in particular, warrant greater attention.
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While the world made some progress in 2022 to address climate change and protect nature, much remains to be done to overcome entrenched interests.
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Rich nations need to shift investments into renewables instead, they say. The civic space for demonstrations at this year's climate summit, held in Egypt, is more restricted than the Scotland event last year.
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