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While its towns bear the consequences of extreme weather, experts and politicians push for a long-awaited climate bill to be signed into law.
Indigenous Youths Laetania and Yurshell
This World Indigenous Peoples Day, Eco-Business asks Indigenous youths from Asia and Latin America what the world can learn from their cultures about fighting climate change.
China's highest court recently released a guidance document on climate change-related cases, which observers say is a strong indication that the state is backing climate litigation as an effective channel to address environment challenges.
Typhoon Ondoy 2009
Developing Asia is increasingly taking legal action over climate-related harm, a UN study finds. The report also predicts that fossil fuels and mining firms will fight back against attempts to block extraction in court.
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canada forest fire
With the climate crisis escalating fast, calls for more authoritarian decision-making structures – widely viewed as more efficient – are increasing. But the notion that any version of an authoritarian system would be free of “special interests,” and run by neutral, rational technocrats, is implausible.
Protesters in front of the IFC office
In Asean, there is no general regional agreement securing environmental rights and obligations but the Asean Agreement on Transboundary Haze Pollution is an example of a sectoral achievement.
Indonesia Archipelago
Indonesia risks losing its exclusive rights to all of the resources in and under the waters between its …
Borneo Rainforest Lodge area in Sabah, Malaysia.
The recognition of natural entities as living persons has generated awareness but its contribution to their legal protection remains uncertain.
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