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Dinagat Islands
The latest lawsuit against the oil giant is believed to be the first-ever complaint filed by individuals and its list of plaintiffs includes Frank Marba, a young Filipino. They are mainly climate survivors from disaster-prone countries.
Posco_South Korea
A legal complaint has been made by an NGO against SK and Posco over their use of a "green premium" to claim their emissions reductions. The government has outlawed use of the premium towards corporate net zero targets.
The EU’s law to restore nature was given the green light by the European parliament this week.
Nik Nazmi CC Bill
Over the next three months, Malaysia's environment ministry will consult state and federal actors, as well as industry and civil society groups as it prepares a draft of the bill.
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Burgos solar and wind farm
House Bill 7705, the low carbon economy bill, could help the climate-vulnerable nation seize the economic opportunities that come with decarbonisation.
Suralaya coal-fired power plant
Government agencies charged with devising effective policies to clean up our fossil-fuel-based economies often lack the resources and expertise to do so, underscoring the need for NGOs to provide them with critical data and technical know-how.
canada forest fire
With the climate crisis escalating fast, calls for more authoritarian decision-making structures – widely viewed as more efficient – are increasing. But the notion that any version of an authoritarian system would be free of “special interests,” and run by neutral, rational technocrats, is implausible.
Protesters in front of the IFC office
In Asean, there is no general regional agreement securing environmental rights and obligations but the Asean Agreement on Transboundary Haze Pollution is an example of a sectoral achievement.
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