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Bihar floods 2016
Investors are wary about pouring in money for the installation of early warning devices and the building of defenses against sea level rise now, just as they were cautious about investing in emerging solar technology a decade ago.
Akshat Garg
Garg takes on the role of assistant vice president of the team, which will see him focusing on ESG implementation across asset managers and private banks in the region.
Discounting South Asian countries’ debt in exchange for investment in conservation could protect biodiversity while promoting prosperity.
The Nusantara Fund aims to provide millions of dollars directly to Indigenous and local communities in Indonesia to improve livelihoods and tackle climate change and nature loss.
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Linking work on nature and climate goals to debt repayment could give indebted countries the space they need to build resilience.
Foreign currencies
Emerging markets are in urgent need of financing to support their low-carbon transition. While the world's attention has been shifting to attracting international private finance into the developing world, mobilising domestic capital will be just as important.
World Bank Spring Meetings 2023
The World Bank is uniquely equipped to mobilise the financing needed to tackle global poverty and global warming, but efforts to mitigate climate change must not come at the expense of development. To address the root causes of poverty and economic slowdown, the Bank must undertake reforms in four areas.
People's Bank of China
Traditional political mechanisms tend to approach climate issues separately, with poor results. An emerging innovation in sovereign finance – sustainability-linked bonds – offers a better way forward.
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COP27 protests
Rich nations need to shift investments into renewables instead, they say. The civic space for demonstrations at this year's climate summit, held in Egypt, is more restricted than the Scotland event last year.
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JET-P Indonesia podcast
The populous coal-rich powerhouse has six months to tell investors how it plans to spend G7 money to decarbonise equitably. We ask experts about the risks, strategy, and opportunities.
Earth for all podcast
"Earth For All" is an update to the landmark 1972 book that warned of our unsustainable growth. Jørgen Randers, the author who worked on both titles, tells Eco-Business what is at stake if we don't fix our broken economic system.
EB podcast IPCC authors
What's it like co-writing a 3,500 page report on the dangers of climate change with hundreds of scientists worldwide, over Zoom calls during a pandemic? Eco-Business speaks to authors from the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore who were in the thick of the action.
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