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The EU’s newly agreed carbon border levy may act as an ‘external incentive’ to motivate China’s carbon market to grow.
San Juan Generating Station coal power plant
CCUS capacity in 2030 likely several times below what is needed in major net-zero scenarios. The sustainability arm of a rating agency says historical underperformance and technological hurdles are to blame.
Governments must incentivise removal technologies to be scaled up, with the next 10 years particularly crucial, report finds.
Woman Solar Engineer India
It did not set an emissions peak year, but experts involved in drafting the plan, which for the first time sketches out how the world's second biggest consumer of coal will meet decarbonisation goals, say future iterations may do so.
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The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has left the climate tech community reeling. We need more investment in climate innovation, so how do we fill the gap SVB has left?
As the sole Asian member of the G7, Japan’s leadership is an opportunity to provide pivotal direction for the supply of climate finance and access to future-proof technology to support the transition efforts that are underway in the region.
smokestacks at a power plant
The net-zero transition requires the rapid development at scale of new technologies, energy-efficient infrastructure, and carbon capture and storage. A carbon price, together with the elimination of fossil-fuel subsidies, would give investors powerful incentives to finance these and other imperatives.
Relicanthus sp. CCZ
The deep ocean can be used for carbon dioxide removal from our atmosphere. Here are the opportunities, risks and constraints.

Carbon & Climate

The climate X factor

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Gaurav Sant
Gaurav Sant, founder of startup SeaChange, tells Eco-Business about a technology he hopes will give the world's oceans the capacity to absorb additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
coal fired plant emissions aerial
How do you reduce CO2 emissions? The Global CO2 Initiative is pushing a unique approach: turn them into useful products, then sell them.
carbon emissions turn into stone
Breakthrough casts aside fear that carbon captured and stored underground can seep back into the air and explode.
ABB Fastned electric vehicle charging station
Dutch start-up Fastned has awarded the power tech firm the contract to provide fast chargers to over 200 stations nationwide, serving most brands of electric vehicles.
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Eco-Business Podcast with Assaad Razzouk
Eco-Business talks to 'angry clean energy guy' Assaad Razzouk about the flaws in much-hyped climate change solutions, and how to fix them.
Where is the smart money going in renewables?
Solar, wind, carbon capture, nature-based solutions—what are the technologies needed to combat climate change? Eco-Business asked clean energy entrepreneur Hendrik Tiesinga where the smart money is going.
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