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Solar power plant, Central Thailand, energy transition
Environmental sustainability is top of the bloc’s latest agenda and investors are keen to finance Asean’s climate goals. There is, however, a severe lack of ‘bankable projects’, say observers.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Singapore
The country is meeting its current unambitious pledge, but it is still pushing coal and failing to protect natural resources needed to protect people from the worst impacts of climate change.
fabella hospital covid
In the Covid-19 vaccine race, US-based funders like the Gates Foundation have contributed the bulk of the US$2.5 billion for vaccine development. Does this pose a threat to poorer countries in Asia?
Michael Bloomberg speaks during a panel at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP25)
President Trump may have withdrawn his country from the global climate change accord, but many American cities, states and companies continue to work towards its aims.

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Brics turns ten

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gaps in global deal for nature
Although the biodiversity crisis is intimately linked to the climate one, the financing to address it is woefully inadequate. With a new global biodiversity plan now in the works, the world has an opportunity – and a duty – to start making up for lost time.
BRI meeting Dec 2016
China’s banks supporting BRI projects should apply environmental risk-management policies and oversight, says Divya Narain.
china solar panel
As one of the world's largest economies, China has a major role in enhancing global trade and fighting climate change. To do this, the country has to work on making its supply chains more environmentally and socially sustainable, writes WRI's Manish Bapna.
Political leaders in Russia, Brazil, the United States, and elsewhere are advancing unabashedly nationalist, nostalgia-tinged agendas in order to oppose any attempts to promote joint global governance. In doing so, they are promoting a subtle theory of withdrawal—including at the very center of development policy.
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