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soybean farmer in malawi
While trade resumption is seen as crucial to fixing the current food crisis, experts say a more resilient food system in the face of climate change requires humanity to change what we eat, how we grow food and how we distribute harvests.
India produced an estimated 107.9 million tonnes of wheat between 2020 and 2021, second only to China with 134.3 million tonnes.
Global Commission on Water
Climate change and deforestation are taking an increasing toll on water supplies and impacting global hydrological cycles. Existing policies for water governance are obsolete, said co-chairs at the World Economic Forum this week.
Initiatives such as the Wild Elements Foundation, Women’s Earth Alliance, Daughters for Earth and WE Africa are supporting women-led efforts around the world,
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Urban slums in Indonesia
Vulnerable groups in Asia will suffer from hits to economic growth, energy security and food systems. Poorer countries should get debt relief to support their people. Adopting clean energy now will also benefit the economy in the long run.
Last year's COP26 summit in Glasgow failed to deliver results sufficient to address the climate crisis. 2022 must be the year of accountability. Countries that are major emitters must deliver on financing for vulnerable countries.
siargao devastation typhoon rai
As the dust settles following Glasgow’s climate summit, the Philippines needs to take some immediate steps this year so it can achieve ambitious decarbonisation goals.
The US owes a massive climate debt. One way to pay it: Let in climate migrants
By making it easier for people to migrate to the United States, President Biden could give a much needed boost to countries hard hit by climate change.
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