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Dentsu has appointed a head of sustainability for the Asia Pacific region for the first time
Irwin Raj moves from Big Four accounting firm EY and will be based in Singapore.
Swedish clothing brand H&M was sued twice in 2022 for greenwashing
Asia is unlikely to follow the same litigious path as the West in tackling greenwash, and will rely on consumer advocacy and sustainability reporting. Meanwhile, the year ahead will see new forms of greenwashing emerge, and more 'carbon neutral' claims as firms woo climate-focused investors, experts predict.
A shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur
Asia Pacific consumers care more about local problems like air pollution, while businesses fret about climate-wrecking emissions and labour rights. The values mismatch points to a failure in understanding consumers among poorly resourced marketing departments, a new study suggests.
Konstantin Popović
Before starting his new outfit Impact3P, the former chief executive of Grey Singapore had helped launch a sustainability unit for the advertising agency.
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"Sustainability is in our DNA"
If sustainability really was at the heart of everything businesses did, the planet probably would not be 1.2°C warmer than it should be. It's time for corporates to stop using the same meaningless catchphrase – or risk alienating consumers
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