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Building biodiversity – the natural resource management approach
The Co-Chairs of the International Resource Panel hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme (Izabella Teixeira, former Environment Ministry of Brazil and Janez Potocnik, former European Commissioner for Environment and …
The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Report 2020
GDP and other economic measurements do not fully reflect current state of affairs and future development potential. Based on 127 quantitative data indicators, the Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index evaluates performance …
The business case for a UN treaty on plastic pollution
Plastic is a material with exceptional properties. Along with being versatile, inexpensive and durable, it brings significant benefits to society--from enabling the effective transport of goods to reducing food waste …
Sustainable Cities: From Possibility to Reality
Dutch manufacturing company AkzoNobel and sustainability media firm Eco-Business held the inaugural Cities:Possibilities forum on 8 November 2016. Read this outcome report for highlights from this insightful dialogue.
Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals: Business action and millennial's perspective
New research by Corporate Citizenship reveals that although business awareness of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals has increased in the past year, tangible action to address the Global Goals …
Energy equity: will the UN Sustainable Energy for All initiative make a difference?
Access to affordable modern energy services may not be a Millennium Development Goal (MDG) but without it, sustainable development, indeed the MDGs themselves, cannot be achieved. Yet energy access remains …
State of the Planet Declaration
Scientists issue first "State of the Planet" declaration at the world's largest gathering of experts on global environmental and social issues in advance of the major UN Summit Rio+20 in …
Working towards a balanced and inclusive Green Economy
A United Nations System-wide Perspective
The Stockholm Statement
The 'Stockholm Statement' calls on leadership at all levels of government that will participate at the Rio+20 Summit (4-6 June 2012) to commit to achieving "universal provisioning of safe drinking …
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