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Public-private partnerships for social good
There is a growing trend in Asia of governments and the private sector coming together to address social needs, and CAPS' latest study spotlights these "public-private partnerships for social good." …
How to demonstrate the value of sustainable business to investors
Corporate responsibility (CR) has grown at a rapid pace in the past two decades. More companies are taking action and reporting on their social, environmental and economic performance. Investors are …
Planning for environmental sustainability improvements
One of the major issues companies face in driving environmental sustainability is the lack of focus. To overcome this issue, we propose a methodology based on the concept of eco-efficiency …
Ethics, sustainability and brand reputation in Asia Pacific
At Ethical Corporation we are continually hearing how a serious commitment to governance, ethics and sustainability creates long-term benefits for shareholders. It's been a while since the researches and financial …
The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index 2015
Scandinavia dominates the Sustainable Competitiveness Index 2015 while Japan higest ranking Asian country (11), followed by China (25), Signapore (34) and Korea (40) USA only ranked 41, UK 48
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