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Investing for the climate in Asia
Are "green finance" and climate change gaining traction in the Asian financial sector? We reviewed the practices of 88 leading financial institutions across Asia-Pacific to find out. We discovered growing …
Asia’s Dystopian Future?—Why banks need to put sustainable finance clearly In their sights
The Fair Finance Asia - SOMO report 'Asia's Dystopian Future? Why Banks Need To Put Sustainable Finance Clearly in Their Sights' exposes the environmental and social problems banks in FFA …
Power Trip: Southeast Asia's journey to a low carbon economy
A new ground-breaking study launched by Eco-Business puts a spotlight on Southeast Asia's transition to the low carbon economy and identifies the top challenges for the region as insufficient regulation …
Unlocking capital for sustainability
China’s economy has grown 10 times as fast as that of the United Kingdom during its industrial revolution and affected 100 times as many people. But these headline economic success …
Global Sustainability Pulse Survey
The next time you are in your local bank, ask them about their sustainability and CSR practices. Ask the same question of your university professors if you are at school, …
AIDF mobile for development:Transforming global healthcare through mobile technology
The Aid & International Development Forum (AIDF) has just released its second publication on the use of mobile technologies for development and humanitarian work with a focus on health.
Investing in the blue economy: Growth and opportunity in a sustainable ocean economy
The ocean remains one of the least developed regions on earth. This is about to change. The ocean and its inestimable pool of resources represents a new economic frontier for …
The landscape for impact investing in South Asia
The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), in partnership with Dalberg Global Development Advisors, published the full release of The Landscape for Impact Investing in South Asia, a "state of the …
Natural capital risk exposure of the financial sector in Brazil: Full report
Brazil's financial sector is dependent on natural capital to support economic growth and ensure future returns for investors. Nature's assets are abundant in Brazil, from its farmland, forests and energy …
 Green bonds briefing: Realizing the potential of the green bond market
Green bonds offer the potential to raise billions in capital to fund renewable energy projects and a host of other sustainable technologies to enable the transition to a sustainable economy. …
Climate change, green bonds and index investing: The new frontier
This is a collaborative research project between S&P Dow Jones Indices and Infrastructure Credit Alpha Group LLC.
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