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PACT Impact Report 2020
The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Singapore released its PACT (Plastic Action) Impact Report, detailing the achievements of PACT. It showcases statistics and responses of PACT member companies, their …
How cities should invest for future economic and environmental vitality
Cities are the driving force behind the global economy - according to McKinsey, just 600 cities are responsible for 60 per cent of the global GDP - and the number …
Activating Learning in Sustainable Design
This case study focuses on the design and delivery of a hands-on workshop involving second year Interior Design students at London Metropolitan University.
Are We the Tool?

Green Buildings

Are We the Tool?

In sustainable design, the search for 'the right tool' is an obvious starting point, something to tell us - and those we serve - how to do it.
Building Systems Integration Offers Greater Benefits to Airports, Data
While commercial offices are often the main target for BSI, Lux Research analysis finds that other types of facilities will provide better return on investment for central control of building …
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