Youths trace their foodprint in CDL race against waste

In Singapore, the amount of food waste generated has increased by about 48 per cent over the past 10 years, from 531,500 tonnes in 2005 to 788,600 tonnes in 2014. Food waste in Singapore is expected to rise further in tandem with a larger population and greater affluence.

Recognising food waste as a pressing environmental issue, City Developments Limited (CDL) has adopted “Trace Your FOODprint” as the theme for its annual signature eco-race for youths this year.

The CDL E-Generation Challenge 2015, co-presented with The Food Bank Singapore, aims to foster greater consciousness about the environmental impact of food waste among over 400 participants aged 17 to 25 years old. More importantly, the Challenge seeks to cultivate a future generation of influencers to drive and advocate eco-friendly practices and habits for a more sustainable future.

CDL’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Ms Esther An said, “Reducing and recycling food waste is part of the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint’s goal towards a Zero Waste Nation. Our youths represent Singapore’s next generation of leaders and will be the key group of consumers in the future. Through the various challenges, the participants have learnt that food waste can and must be tackled holistically in terms of minimisation, redistribution and recycling.”

Ms An added, “Through a ripple effect amongst their sphere of influence, the youth participants will also be able to raise awareness of sustainable lifestyle choices and purchase decisions. In turn, this will grow the number of socially responsible consumers.”

Co-founder of The Food Bank Singapore, Ms Nichol Ng said, “Reducing food waste requires partnership from different stakeholders. The Food Bank Singapore is proud to partner CDL in this eco-initiative that helps youths appreciate the magnitude of this pressing issue. We hope the participants will take home meaningful tips on reducing food wastage within the whole supply chain.”

Participants travelled by green modes of transport throughout the rally to overcome various stations which involved both physical challenges and knowledge-based puzzles. At the “Trace Your FOODprint” station, participants had to carry increasing loads while maneuvering an obstacle course which highlighted the impact of accumulated food waste down the supply chain.

At the station with specially-configured escape rooms in CDL’s Republic Plaza, participants solved puzzles on how food waste can occur throughout the food chain, thereby unlocking the code to “Escape the Hunger Game”.

To drive home the message on reducing food wastage within CDL, the Group’s employees also took a shot at “Escape the Hunger Game” a day before the CDL E-Generation Challenge was held. In overcoming the various puzzles, they gained insights on the global scale of food wastage.

The CDL E-Generation Challenge 2015 is supported by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), National Environment Agency (NEA), and the National Parks Board (NParks). Event partners include City Square Mall and Star Horizon Learning.The inaugural competition in 2010 saw over 260 youths participating. To-date, into its sixth year, the CDL E-Generation Challenge has reached out to some 2,200 youths.

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