WOC advances industry understanding and engagement on marine spatial planning

As Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) efforts continue to grow around the world, the World Ocean Council (WOC) is working to ensure that both MSP proponents and the ocean business community understand and address the need, value and opportunity for industry to be informed of, and engaged in, MSP.

Recent and upcoming WOC MSP program reports address:

  • Marine Planning Management Practice and six key business interests regarding MSP, click here.
  • Industry Perspectives on Marine Planning (coming soon)
  • Multi-Sector Challenges and Opportunities for MSP in the North Sea (coming soon)
  • Industry Comments on the US National Ocean Policy, click here.

As the international, multi-industry leadership alliance on Corporate Ocean Responsibility, the WOC is facilitating industry participation in marine-related programs and projects of the EU and other government and inter-governmental bodies. For example, the WOC is uniquely able to ensure industry engagement as a partner in Horizon 2020 consortia developing marine planning and Blue Growth projects.

Since 2010, WOC has conducted industry outreach on MSP; organized industry/MSP conferences and forums; undertaken reviews, case studies, and analysis of the industry/MSP interface; developed and distributed MSP information to the ocean business community; shared industry perspectives with marine planners; conducted pilot projects on industry engagement in specific MSP processes; built a network of ocean industries well-informed on marine planning; and brought together ocean industry sectors for dialogue on cross-sectoral conflicts in ocean use. Beginning in 2013, the WOC MSP program was assisted with support from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

For more information see http://www.oceancouncil.org/site/planning.php.

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