Why Asia needs storage crates

Easycrate offers the Hong Kong market a smarter, more eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes

Traditionally, in the relocation and storage sector, the cardboard box dominated because there wasn’t a viable alternative. Easycrate Hong Kong now offers businesses a range of strong reusable plastic boxes, enabling them to transport and protect their items in a more secure and robust way. Plastic boxes or crates also offer businesses environmental benefits by significantly reducing the amount of packaging they need to produce and dispose of, thus improving their eco-credentials (see comment below).

When relocating and moving items, it’s paramount that your possessions withstand climate conditions that may ruin them in transit or storage. This humidity not only affects the packaging but also the possessions themselves. Technology, fine wines and clothing are particularly susceptible to mould and dust. Easycrate’s plastic crates offer a great solution; the plastic crate is able to withstand humidity is able to protect the items.

As Hong Kong is a rapidly growing technical hub, moving and storing such items needs much care and a greater level of protection. Ideally you should be able to line the insides of the boxes and ensure that they can be adequately secured and traced. By using a lidded plastic crate, clients are assured that their high value items are protected from mishandling, humidity and can be easily tracked with the use of numbered seals. Cardboard boxes are simply not able to provide protection to the same degree.

With all these factors taken into consideration; landfill issues, humidity levels, average home size decreasing and the need for better protection for technical products, Asia greatly stands to benefit from the innovative use of plastic crates that Easycrate provide.

August 2012

Easycrate Hong Kong serves the whole of the Hong Kong area providing crate hire and moving equipment both domestically and commercially. , Easycrate Hong Kong strives to provide a full range of services tailored to our individual clients needs.  For ongoing news visit http://www.easycrate.hk/news

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Email: info@easycrate.hk Phone: 01825 768866/29142200  Facebook/Twitter: Easycrate (HK) Ltd/ @EasycrateHK

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