West & Central Africa will take priority global biomass supplier status say global experts who will be meeting in Accra, Ghana

Global experts on biomass trade are of the consensus that the strategic role of West and Central Africa will gain increasing international spotlight and capture a sizable global market share as EU demand for biomass for heat and energy escalates within the next 10 years

EU usage of biomass will change dramatically over the next decade, causing a global rise in biomass demand. Recent data from EU indicate that:

  1. Biomass will contribute to more than 10% of the total EU energy consumption in 2020
  2. Biomass will contribute to more than 50% of RES EU energy consumption in 2020
  3. Biomass will contribute to at least half of additional effort to reach the 20% target

Biomass West and Central Africa Congress 2011 speakers to be featured in the upcoming conference released these press statements:

Mr J.F Guillon, Managing Director & Founder of Africa Renewables Ltd (Afriren) UK, said, “Biomass represents an opportunity for Africa to utilize part of its natural resource endowment. With large oil finds, it is obvious that the trade of developed commodities will feature heavily in the story of Africa’s development, but hopefully this more nascent industry will play its own fundamental role. The hope is that Africa can not only export its biomass, but use it as well, in effect, skipping years of fossil fuelled energy production, and jumping straight to the renewable energy age.”

Mr NGANSOP Bernard Magloire, Secrétaire Général, ARPEDAC*,Cameroon “In Central and West Africa, biomass accounts for about 90% of primary energy consumption with proven relevance in efforts to fight poverty. Thermal applications of biomass energy in households, institutions and small businesses are well documented. The commercial sector of energy from biomass also employs hundreds of thousands of people and contributes millions of dollars to the local economy in the form of income tax and individual salaries. Sales of wood fuels generate significant revenue streams from urban to rural areas. It is therefore economical.” Mr Adebayo Agbejule, Associate Professor, Department, of Mechanical and Production Engineering, Vaasa University of Applied of Sciences, Finland, said “The potential market value of biomass trade in Africa is varied - with West and Central Africa having the most potential. The potential value of biomass trade for Sub-Saharan African is estimated to be 2 billion US dollars by 2013 (African Review of Business and Technology, 2008). By improving its biomass capabilities, Africa can (emerge) as a major player in global trade in the next ten years. For example, the bioenergy needs of Europe could be provided by West and Central Africa with a well-coordinated supply chain. West and Central Africa have enough land for agriculture, people, and development of sustainable bioenergy production for export.”

Mr Erik de Graaff, Commercial Director, CPM Europe (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) said” As leading supplier of pelleting and grinding equipment on a worldwide scale we support this important biomass conference. We consider Africa as the upcoming and very interesting continent for development of renewable energy out of biological materials and see big opportunities to locally build very efficient biomass pellet production lines.” CPM will exhibit at the Biomass West & Central Africa Congress 2011

Participating sponsor, Mr Ulrike Daniel, Project Manager, EnD-I AG said “Energy generation on the basis of biomass is an important option for today and for the future. The use of this renewable resource -be it as biogas or as landfill gas - offers both a solution for environmentally friendly energy generation, saving of fossil fuels and prevention of health hazards. This is true not only for Europe, but also for African countries. Therefore, EnD-I AG highly welcomes the opportunity to participate in the important forum of Accra Biomass Conference and to meet there important players and decision makers in the field of renewable energies.”

Other participating sponsors of the congress include DEG, member of KfW Bankengruppe, one of the largest European development finance institutions, focusing on investing in profitable projects that contribute to sustainable development in all sectors of the economy, from agribusiness to infrastructure, and manufacturing to services.

  • The Congress will cover country-spotlight sessions including:
  1. Mali update: Overview and prospects ahead
  2. Nigeria Update: Distributed Generation in Nigeria: Prospects, Challenges and Way Forward
  3. Benin Update: Renewables and Biomass in Benin
  4. Cameroon Update: Public-private partnership in the electrification program in Cameroon and the role of renewables
  5. Central Africa Regional Update: “Biomass and strengthening the energy and resilience of ecosystems in Central Africa” and
  6. Cote d Ivoire: Agricultural waste as biomass for energy production: agricultural residue potential in Ivory Coast

  • The Biomass West & Central Africa 2011 is organized by Magenta Global Pte Ltd, based in Singapore. The Congress will be held on 24-25 November 2011, at Holiday Inn Airport Hotel, Accra, Ghana.
  • Media Invitation: Media intending to cover this event or would like to speak with relevant speakers may contact Ms Reema on co-ordinates below.

Media Contact:

Ms Reema Raj

Marketing Manager

Email: r.raj@magenta-global.com.sg Singapore (Timezone: Zulu + 8hours)

DID: +65 6392 2530       Voicemail : +65 6391 25 33        General: +65 6392 2533

Notes for Editor:

About Magenta GlobalConference Organizer

Magenta Global Pte Ltd is a premier independent business media company that provides pragmatic and relevant information to government & business executives and professionals worldwide. The organization provides the opportunity to share thought-provoking insights, exchange ideas on the latest industry trends and technological developments with thought leaders and business peers. With a strong focus in emerging economies especially in Africa, Middle East & Central Asia, Magenta Global works in partnership with both the public and private sectors. www.magenta-global.com.sg


Association for Research and Promotion of Sustainable Energy in Central Africa (ARPEDAC) - is a non-profit association involved in research and promotion of services and technologies related to energy efficiency and renewable energy in the Economic Community of Central Africa to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of communities with adequate sustainable, safe and affordable services.

DEG - Our business is developing: Participating Sponsors:

DEG, member of KfW Bankengruppe, is one of the largest European development finance institutions. For nearly 50 years, DEG has been financing and structuring the investments of private companies in developing and emerging market countries.

DEG invests in profitable projects that contribute to sustainable development in all sectors of the economy, from agribusiness to infrastructure and manufacturing to services. The financial sector is a further focus in order to facilitate reliable access to investment capital locally.

DEG’s aim is to establish and expand private enterprise structures in developing and emerging countries, and thus create the basis for sustainable economic growth and a lasting improvement in the living conditions of the local population.

EnD-I AG: Participating Sponsors:

EnD-I AG has been founded on June 05, 2000. The headquarters are in Halle (Saale) and its subsidiaries are in Halle and Köln and at the locations of their big biogas plants. Europe-wide EnD-I AG is competent partner in developing, optimising, financing and operating decentral and innovative facilities generating energy on the basis of conventional and alternative fuels.  EnD-I AG innovative contribution point a way to the future in environmental protection, e.g. by reducing greenhouse gases and contributing at the same time to considerable savings in energy costs. EnD-I AG produce electricity, heat, biogas and bio methane on the basis of renewable raw material (energy crops), biological wastes, or methane from landfills and coal mines.


CPM is well known in the animal nutrition industry and in the chemical, recycling and biomass business, where CPM grinders and pellet mills are used all over the world.  CPM isn’t mere a supplier of machines, but a supplier of know how, technology and experience, who, in cooperation with the customer, can save very often considerable costs for the user e.g. saving in energy, wearing parts, less rejected product and less return during the production. Our newly developed hotstart mixer, Roll Speed Measurement System and the Quick Die Change are examples of our continuous innovation to enhance your production, improve the pellet quality and reduce operational costs.


Established in 2010, Africa Renewables Ltd. (AfriRen) is a start-up company with a mission to connect Africa to the green energy economy.  By working with local partners across the region, we aim to establish high-quality, reliable and long-term sources of biomass supply from existing agro-industrial plantations. AfriRen aspires to be the partner of choice for pellet producers, biomass energy traders, MDF (medium-density fibreboard) industrials and European energy companies interested in co-firing or investing in biomass electricity generation.

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