Webinar - CSP and PV: Balancing Competition and Opportunity

CSP Today has announced that registration is now open for the Free Webinar: “CSP and PV: Balancing Competition and Opportunity” which will compare the prospects for Concentrated Solar Thermal Power with those for traditional Photovoltaics and the implications of co-existence. This interactive event will be held on Thursday, 28th July at 16:00 Central European Time (CET) and it is open to the whole solar community.

There has been well-publicised movement of companies that are venturing into both technologies.  Earlier this year, CSP heavyweight Solar Millennium announced their business expansion into PV; likewise, SCHOTT Solar, Siemens and Abengoa hold businesses in both areas. This flurry of activity has raised the question about the feasibility of a well-adjusted co-existence and how it could re-shape the solar sector as a whole in the near future.  To explore the implications of this matter, CSP Today has organised a webinar entitled “CSP and PV: Balancing Competition and Opportunity”. The 45-minute session includes live Q&A’s and will be delivered by three key industry figures:

  • Luis Crespo, Secretary-General of Protermosolar and President at the European Solar Thermal Electricity Association (ESTELA)
  • Pablo Giménez, Business Development Manager at FRV (Fotowatio Renewable Ventures)
  • Ruud Dekkers, Senior Executive Manager and Head of Project Development at Solar Millennium

Crespo and Giménez will outline their thoughts on the cost and market prospects for CSP and PV respectively, highlighting the development drivers for each industry.  In addition, they will delve into the technology-specific competitive advantages that will define the best opportunities for market proliferation.

Dekkers will offer the developer‘s perspective on the potential for co-existence and the implications of this vision of a balanced solar industry.

The fast changes in the energy mix are opening new opportunities for renewables; this webinar will offer a fresh insight into whether the solar industry can move forward as one, or whether the inherent differences between these two technologies make it impossible to achieve equilibrium.

The webinar can be joined for free at https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/179651486 (registration must be done before the 27th July).

This webinar is part of a series of expert talks conducted by CSP Today in preparation for the 5th International CSP Summit (CSP Today Sevilla) which will take place November 29-30.

About CSP Today: CSP Today is the reference point for CSP professionals and a cornerstone for communications within the industry. The company provides industry focused news, events, reports, updates and information for the Concentrated Solar Thermal Power industry.

For more information about CSP Today Sevilla visit: www.csptoday.com/csp or contact Maria Slough at maria@csptoday.com

PS: You don’t have to leave the office to attend a webinar; you just need your computer and a good internet connection to hear the presentations and see the supporting slides. To learn more about what is a webinar and how does it work, visit the CSP Today guide to this webinar: http://www.csptoday.com/csp/webinar.shtml

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