WCS, SIWW and CESS integrate dialogues, innovations and talent

World Cities Summit (WCS), Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) and CleanEnviro Summit Singapore (CESS) are taking their integration up a notch through the creation of synergies across dialogues, innovations and talent. The three events provide a unique integrated platform for industry leaders, policy-makers and experts to engage in dialogues and interactions that help shape the global sustainability agenda.

They will also share best practices for sustainable urban development, and explore and showcase the latest innovations in water and clean environment technologies. Developing young talent is another key pillar with a series of initiatives to inspire and nurture future leaders in sustainable urban development.

Underpinning all these and taking the integration of WCS, SIWW and CESS to the next level, is the inaugural City Solutions Singapore, a seamless global marketplace to drive end-to-end sustainable development and enable stakeholders to better meet the growing demand for integrated solutions to address sustainability issues.

Since WCS, SIWW and CESS were first organised as an integrated global platform in 2012, the events have grown in reach and influence, attracting over 20,000 participants from 133 countries and regions in 2014. Close to S$15 billion worth of projects, tenders, investments and other deals were also announced in 2014, demonstrating the role of this unique global platform as a marketplace to showcase innovative integrated solutions across urban planning, water sustainability, and waste and cleaning management.

“Rapid global urbanisation is making it increasingly complex and challenging to plan, build and maintain the cities in which we live,” said Mr Khoo Teng Chye, joint spokesperson for WCS, SIWW and CESS, and Executive Director of the Centre for Liveable Cities. “To make our cities better for people, we must create synergies across global dialogues, innovations and talent to deliver integrated urban solutions that form the foundation of healthy and resilient cities.”

Shaping the global sustainability agenda through insightful dialogues

Prominent personalities including Ministers, Mayors and city leaders, NGO representatives and business leaders from around the world will gather at WCS, SIWW and CESS to engage in dialogues on improving liveability, sustainability, governance, planning and the use of smart technologies to create the resilient cities of tomorrow. Key conversations will also be held that will expand beyond the traditional focus on urban infrastructure. Delegates and participants can be part of these discussions including the Opening Plenary and In-Conversation sessions, led by high-level dignitaries who will shape the agenda for the global landscape of cities, water, environment and sustainable development today, against the backdrop of dynamic and complex forces of change.

These dignitaries include Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for Economic and Social Policies, Singapore; His Excellency Dr Han Seung-soo, United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Disaster Risk Reduction and Water, Special Adviser to the High Level Panel on Water, and Former Prime Minister of Republic of Korea; Mr Charles O. Holliday, Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell plc; Mr Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Nestlé S.A.; and many more.

Mr Larry Ng, Managing Director of World Cities Summit, said: “These high-level discussions and interactions will form the foundation for a concerted and integrated effort by global stakeholders to ensure that our cities remain sustainable and liveable. World Cities Summit 2016 is about Innovative Cities of Opportunity and it aims to showcase cities that are models for liveability, with a focus on co-creation between public, private and people sectors to produce innovative solutions for sustainable development. The summit will also explore smart city innovations and the role of the ‘software’ of the city such as social resilience, community and culture in creating tomorrow’s liveable cities.”

City Solutions Singapore presents an integrated platform for dynamic synergies through innovation

The inaugural City Solutions Singapore expo will bring together leading companies and innovative start-ups in the business of urban development, water, and waste and cleaning management to showcase new and cutting-edge solutions for smart nations and urban environments. City Solutions Singapore presents a catalyst for new partnerships and business opportunities with close to 1,000 participating companies, making it an international marketplace of choice for stakeholders across the value chain of sustainable development.

Delegates and visitors can look forward to game-changing technologies and innovations at City Solutions Singapore, which will include group pavilions such as the Innovation Pavilion, and Smart Water Solutions Showcase. New country pavilions featured this year include Turkey, Spain, Scotland and the EU Business Avenues in Southeast Asia. Additionally, the EU Business Avenues in Southeast Asia Pavilion will feature selected European small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) that will use the City Solutions Singapore as its inaugural platform to launch its business missions in this region.

Mr Bernard Tan, Managing Director of Singapore International Water Week, said, “The complexity of water issues across the world requires not only the latest technologies, but also a combination of best practices and innovative business models to address the unique set of challenges faced by different countries and cities. City Solutions Singapore is a step in the right direction to bring together the cross-disciplinary technologies, innovations and best practices to achieve urban sustainability. Water is one of the most important ingredients for a truly liveable city, and the Singapore International Water Week will continue to be a leading global platform to facilitate and showcase integrated water solutions that can be harnessed and woven into urban planning for more resilient and sustainable cities of the future.”

Next-generation industry talents at the forefront with innovative and smart solutions

Increasing populations and growing consumption rates indicate the imperative for new innovative smart technologies that can foster sustainability in a world of finite resources. The launch of CESS Innovation Pitch at City Solutions Singapore this year is aimed at accelerating commercialisation of exciting new ideas and innovations by the industry’s young talent. It is not only a springboard to potential commercial success for aspiring entrepreneurs, but also a platform for discovering and nurturing ideas and innovations which may eventually solve real-world sustainable development issues.

The Innovation Pitch, a critical pillar to complete the integrated sustainability value-chain, will feature 10 entrepreneurs and their exciting technologies aimed at converting waste to resources and developing smart solutions for the environment. These include smart systems to reduce food waste, reduce energy consumption and save manpower, processes to turn waste such as food, plastics, cellulosic material, metal sludge and ash residues into value-added products.

Mr Dalson Chung, Managing Director of CleanEnviro Summit Singapore said, “The interplay between the circular economy of waste and the Internet of Things presents significant opportunities for the waste and cleaning industries to boost resource efficiency and bring about broader social benefits. With the next generation of environmental leaders, today’s industry captains have the scope to co-create practical environment solutions that can address future needs and strengthen the support infrastructure for commercialisation.”

Venture capitalists can look forward to presentations and networking sessions with entrepreneurs such as Winnow Solutions, EcoWorth Tech, Envichem Technologies and many more.

The 5th World Cities Summit, 7th Singapore International Water Week and 3rd CleanEnviro Summit Singapore will be held at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands, from 10-14 July 2016.

About World Cities Summit, Singapore International Water Week, and CleanEnviro Summit Singapore

WCS, SIWW and CESS will be held concurrently from 10-14 July 2016 at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands. The three events provide a unique integrated global platform for government and industry leaders to share solutions for sustainable urban development and the latest innovations in water and clean environment solutions. Exhibitors and participants would be able to explore synergies, network and forge partnerships with a wider range of global industry leaders, policy-makers and experts. Together, the three events showcase global thought leadership in sustainable development. For more information, visit: www.worldcitiessummit.com.sg, www.siww.com.sg, www.cleanenvirosummit.sg

Please refer to the events’ brochures for more detailed information.

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