WBCSD appoints Sustainable Business Australia

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) announced on Wednesday that Sustainable Business Australia (SBA) has been appointed as the Australian Global Network partner to drive national business leadership and action for sustainable development.

At a time of increasing national uncertainty regarding Australia’s policies for sustainable economic development and environmental stewardship, the country’s leading progressive business body will join the WBCSD’s Global Network to collaborate on business solutions to complex sustainability issues.

“Australia has been a pioneer on climate action, smart energy technologies, and the development of biodiversity markets,” said Peter Bakker, President and CEO, World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

“Up until recently, Australia made globally recognised progress pursuing energy and resource efficiency across its economy. It is important that Australian business continues to contribute to global momentum on climate mitigation, water and resource management, waste reeducation, and the ongoing development of corporate reporting and valuation.

“The pursuit of sustainable development requires investment and innovation and it is here that business plays a critical role.

“SBA is a solutions-focused business association. Actionable solutions including technologies are generally conceived, developed, deployed and brought to market by business. International collaboration between businesses is the way forward, and we are delighted to welcome SBA as our Australian Global Network partner,” said Mr Bakker.

“The Australian business community has both the experience and the need to be involved in international sustainable development issues,” said Andrew Petersen, CEO SBA.

“SBA is committed to providing business leadership for sustainable development in Australia and we will work with WBCSD’s business community by involving forward-thinking Australian companies in WBCSD’s international programs and cross-sector projects.

“The partnership will be adding direct value to members by bringing the latest thinking and best practices on economic, environmental and social management as well as gaining access to key international players and platforms,” said Andrew Petersen, CEO SBA.

“With over 30 Global Network partners across Asia Pacific alone, one of the immediate opportunities for us is the cooperation and business interaction with our regional colleagues.”

WBCSD’s work programme is based on the Action2020 platform. Action2020 builds on WBCSD’s Vision 2050, which identified the necessary pathways to create a world in 2050 where 9 billion people can live well, within social and environmental boundaries.

During 2013 WBCSD and its partners identified science-based actionable priority areas where business needs to focus its action and deliver measurable impact at scale around these key challenges. Working with its members, WBCSD is developing business solutions that will contribute to the achievement of societal goals that must be reached in order to have a shot at achieving Vision2050.

“The participation of Australia’s leading businesses in Action2020 is key to the inclusion of substantive southern hemisphere business perspectives and solutions that are needed in the development of globally appropriate action towards Vision 2050’s goals,” said Peter Bakker.


World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) www.wbcsd.org was established in 1992. It is a coalition of 200 leading international companies from 30 countries across industry sectors. Member companies are represented in the Council by their CEOs. In parallel, WBCSD’s activities are supported by a global partner network of CEO-led national business councils and partner organizations (collectively referred to as the “Global Network Partners”). The WBCSD is the preeminent business voice on sustainable development issues.WBCSD’s mission is to provide business leadership as a catalyst for change towards sustainable development and to promote eco-efficiency in business.

WBCSD Action2020: Action2020 emerged from WBCSD’s Vision 2050 report: it is a set of priorities for business and sustainable development based on an intensive study of environmental, demographic and development trends. Vision 2050’s long-term perspective frames the importance of these issues. But to make an impact on the future, leaders need to act today. Action2020 focuses on strategic solutions that meet targets over the next few years – a time horizon that business and political leaders can readily embrace. More information is available from www.action2020.org.

SBA www.sba.asn.au. was established in Australia in 1991, and is the peak body for advocacy for sustainable business activities in Australia.

Its members represent leading Australian businesses across sectors who share a commitment to economic, environmental and social development.

SBA represents just member companies, public sector enterprises and institutions, BINGOs and community organisations , which in turn represent 100,000 + Australian employees.

SBA is the secretariat for the Businesses for Clean Economy which is an initiative of over 400 business signatories. www.b4ce.com.au

For further information please contact:
Andrew Petersen, CEO SBA
+61 2 8267 5782

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