Waterneer announces partnership with BioKube

Continuing their focus on developing and delivering packaged solutions for the water treatment vertical, Waterneer Technologies has announced a partnership with BioKube for the Indian market.

The BioKube product is self contained and has a variety of applications in the residential and commercial water treatment cycles.

At the core of the technology is a natural bacteria driven process that has been successfully deployed in over 3500 global installations with capacities of up to 200,000 litres per day.

” Our partnership with BioKube underscores our commitment and focus on delivering packaged solutions” says Ashok Syal, co-founder of Waterneer.

” The Indian and Global market is now well suited for packaged solutions and Waterneer is actively evaluating other technologies and alliances to serve our clients “

About Waterneer

Waterneer Technologies is an environmental technology firm with offices in the US, India and Sweden that applies proven, state-of-the-art treatment technology to clean polluted water and contaminated sludge and sediment for a wide range of diverse applications, including mining, agriculture, municipal, dredging, and energy production.

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