Upcycling shipping containers to create ECO-builds in Marbella

Upcycling shipping containers to create ECO-builds in Marbella

Renowned architects, developers and one of the Costa del Sol’s leading real estate firms have launched an exciting new collaboration to create and market an exciting range of products and solutions for those seeking to build their dream home in the sun, while helping to protect our planet.

With sustainability and eco-friendliness becoming an increasingly important aspect within architecture, more attention is being paid to how building materials impact our environment.

The German Schween family of architects and developers and real estate expert Sean Woolley from Cloud Nine Spain are passionate about how this innovative way of building can reduce our carbon footprint and reduce pressure on raw materials.

They hope that The Astonishing Collection will enable buyers to save time, save money and protect the planet from the environmental harm caused by traditional building practices.

Lukas Schween has a keen interest in energy-efficient construction and the use of recycled materials and has been investigating the benefits of reusing shipping containers in construction for many years. H

is research revealed that the surplus of unused shipping containers is growing rapidly, and that they represent an excellent base for green architecture.

He explains, “Container architecture offers a unique way in which one can use upcycled materials to build an aesthetically pleasing and affordable home using a material which is already there, rather than producing or trying to sustainably source materials.

It is known as “green architecture”, as its origin and focus lies in upcycling used steel shipping containers, which are readily available. Either these steel boxes would have to be melted down, which requires around 8000 kWh of energy per container, or they just remain unused not fulfilling any purpose and taking up space.

Whereas these could be used as a sustainable solution to produce affordable housing, upcycling and saving approximately 17,500kg worth of steel for a home which utilises five shipping containers as the main raw material.”

The recycling and reuse of existing raw materials is not the only environmental benefit of the off-site construction method being recommended by the team behind The Astonishing Collection. It significantly reduces the need for trucks, heavy machinery and materials which need to be transported to the site, thereby decreasing carbon emissions.

The only transportation required is the moving of containers from factory to site, and as no excavation is typically needed, the whole process is a lot more sustainable. Lastly, the energy used in the construction of the home is also considerably lower as the architects are working with existing materials which do not have to be created, keeping energy use low.

The Astonishing Collection is helping clients to design and build their dream homes on the Costa del Sol. They use a range of innovative construction methods to deliver beautiful villas which are cost-effective, energy-efficient and mindful of the environment. You can find out more at www.astonishingspain.com

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