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Qi Global is a Singapore-based social enterprise founded in 2009 whose mission is to create human progress in harmony with nature.

Qi (pronounced Chi) is global network of thought leaders in design, innovation and sustainability.  Qi connects Catalysts (businesses) and aQivers (individuals) who are dynamic, interactive, socially responsible and striving towards greater sustainability.

Innovation happens with the cross-generation of knowledge from a range of industries. Based on this principle, Qi works to bring together industry leaders and social innovators to create new ideas for sustainable development in the following topic areas:

  • Architecture & Urban Planning
  • Conservation & Wildlife
  • Energy & Technology
  • Fashion, Art and Design
  • Food, Health and Leisure
  • Leadership & Innovation
  • Social Impact Investment
  • Policy & Nation Development
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Youth Ambition & Education


Qi hosts an annual summit each October in Singapore, gathering business and community leaders from around the world. Featuring an established panel of 20+ social entrepreneurs and innovators who work in the scope of our ten topic areas, their insights show how sustainable innovation can impact and change lives and communities in Asia

This valuable knowledge is shared in the public space by providing free videos of our speakers’ inspiring talks on the Qi website.


This employee engagement program is a comprehensive series of seminars and workshops that promote and encourage sustainability-focused creativity, innovative thinking, and passion. Qi’s speakers and trainers start by sharing inspirational and transformational case studies illustrating trends in innovation and sustainability.

Employees are the encouraged to continue seeking their passions centered on sustainability and making change a reality, through our mentoring and volunteering program. This showcases how community involvement can shape our leaders of tomorrow.

Each program is specifically tailored in each instance to empower employees to create new business, CSR ideas and projects that are aligned with their company vision, mission and values.


Qi has grown several in-house Social Impact Projects that leapfrog our collaborations into action. These budding business ideas are helped along by our vast network of resources, and through collaboration are eventually launched to transform individuals, communities, and nations over time.

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