The Birth of a New Global Environmental and Sustainability Standards Setting Body

Global Environmental Choice

Media Release: 29th April 2011

Jakarta - Indonesia

Global Standards and Technical Guidance towards sustainable development has been enhanced by the establishment of a new standards setting organisation – Global Environmental Choice. The organisation was launched today at the Business for Environment conference in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The organisation publishes standards, guidance frameworks and a certification solution for green products, commodities, services, agricultural produce and environmental technologies. The global market for green goods and services is $750 billion in 2011, with an annual growth rate of 3%.

Global Environmental Choice is to become a global membership based organisation of professionals, scientists, industry and researcher institutes that are involved in the collaborative development of standards and guidance materials specifically delivering technical solutions to defining environmentally preferable and sustainability outcomes.

The objectives of the organisations are to:

1. Provide transparency to the market of the environmental performance of commodities, products, services and companies.

2. Undertake research and review of fundamental aspects of markets related to environmental performance and outcomes.

3. Create and publish transparent and scientifically rigorous environmental and sustainability performance standards for commodities, products, services and companies through an international standard setting framework based on international best practice.

4. Promote and recognise sustainability leadership in the market.

5. Enhance the cultural and technical knowledge available to industry and governments in delivering sustainable solutions to the market.

6. Empower individuals, corporations, governments and institutions to make environmentally preferable purchasing and consumption choices.

7. Undertake technical assessments of the absorptive capacity of the natural environment to support economic activity.

8. Work with partner organisations to deliver market incentives for the transformation of our societies to a sustainable state.

Mr Petar Johnson, the founder of the organisation has said:

“Our common achievement of sustainable development and the emergence and success of green markets will determine the future of human kind. Global leadership methods and successful solutions for organisations in the area of sustainability is the current missing link to effective progress.  Global Environmental Choice will share and formalise methods and technical frameworks into global operating standards guiding organisations and companies into innovative and transformative solutions in their progress towards sustainable development.”

“Our current decision making frameworks were not developed to integrate the diverse elements of environmental, community and economic optimums. Almost all outcomes in this field tend to take from one of these aspects and give to the other, thereby delivering poorly performing solutions to the immense problems of sustainability. The Global Environmental Choice standards provide clear and quantitative based measurements and performance criterion that make the pathway to sustainability clear, achievable and accurate.”

The organisation has commenced global operations with the publication of a range of standards which have been applied to the global market over the last 10 years under ISO 14 024 based environmental labelling programs. The standards have been used to certify over 200 companies globally with a focus in the Asia –Pacific region.  This knowledge and experience to date will provide the backbone to the global offering.

Representatives for comment are available. For further information visit:

Global Ecolabel

Mr Petar Johnson
Mr Michael Weiss
Executive Officer
Global Environmental Choice
Ph: +61 (0) 2 6281 5282
Mobile: +61 405 312 919

South East Asia

Mr Miew Lim Chin
SE Asia Regional Manager
Global Environmental Choice Certification
Global Environmental Assurance LLC
Mobile: +60 123 023 870

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