The 7th China Overseas Investment Fair & China International Energy Storage Forum 2015

The 7th China Overseas Investment Fair-China International Energy Storage Forum 2015 is approved by China National Development and Reform Commission, hosted by China Development Bank and China Overseas Development Association, organized by China Polaris Consulting Co., Ltd, co-organized by China Strategic Alliance of Technology and Innovation for Green Energy Industry, and won strong support from China State Grid.

This forum will be taking place on 21-22 October 2015 in Beijing, China.And up to 300 leading figures are expected to attend.

China emphasis on promoting the rapid development of various storage technologies and a great catch-up potential of the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries in recent years. China energy storage technology, particularly in lithium, sodium sulfur stream and headed chemical energy storage project, still are based demonstration projects. Our energy storage technology in a variety of applications and technologies have great project progress, also related industries have strong demand on that for their future good momentum of development.

The total installed capacity of energy storage project in 2014 were 81.3MW, increased 55% than before. Through technical point of view, in 2013, lithium-ion batteries occupied 66%, lead-acid batteries and flow batteries occupied 20% and 14%.

Lithium-ion battery has exceeded 70% in 2014. Predicts that by 2020, China’s energy storage market will reach 136.97GW. However, the installed capacities of pumped storage were 21.53GW until 2013 and expect in 2020 to reach 70GW.

Compressed air is currently no projects, therefore, lithium batteries, flow batteries, sodium sulfur batteries and other new energy storage technology will divide the remaining market share of about 67GW. China’s current energy storage technology is just above 81.3MW, so there is more than 1,000 times space for development in future.

The role that energy storage plays in the future of China’s power industry – as well as new transportation and urbanization sectors – will ultimately be determined by government policies. The combination of a healthy policy environment, experienced technology vendors and a strong demand from multiple application areas offers excellent prospects for China’s energy storage market in the coming years.

The forum will focus on the prospects of world development pattern of energy storage, domestic and foreign energy storage project analysis, energy storage batteries and battery management system, PCS and super capacitors, filling station and smart grid. Meanwhile, many leading companies in this industry would exhibit products and their technological achievements in this forum.

We are looking forward to receive your confirmation of participating the China International Energy Storage Forum 2015, an honor for us and indeed for China’s Energy Storage industry.

Companies under Invitation:

  • National Energy Administration
  • State Grid Corporation
  • California Public Utilities Commission
  • World of Renewable Energy Committee
  • China Development Bank
  • CCID Consulting
  • National Grid New Source Zhangjiakou Wind and Solar Energy Storage Demonstration Power Plant Ltd
  • Tianjin Electric Power Company
  • China Southern Power Grid co.Ltd
  • Ausgrid
  • METI
  • BYD Electronic Power Research Institute
  • SAE International Battery Standards Steering Committee
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics
  • Shenzhen BYD Li-ion Battery Ltd
  • Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Electronic Information
  • China Electronics Standardization Institute
  • EDF France Electronic Group
  • Tesla China

Who else do you want to meet in our event? or call Hill ZENG at +86 21 6045 1760.

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