The 2nd Annual Smartricity Asia Congress will be held in 7th-9th September, Tianjin China

Asia is rapidly moving to the  forefront of  the world’s smart grid development, with China, Japan, Korea, India and other Asian countries about to invest huge funds to transform and upgrade traditional power transmission networks, and to increase IT development and the application of technology to achieve strong future grids that are smart and green.

The Asian countries in pursuit of future networks reflect a diversity worthy of our attention. China, India, Russia and other emerging economies are committed to building a strong and reliable transmission and distribution network to support future economic growth. Singapore, Japan, Korea, Australia and other mature economies are more committed to the demand side of the grid technology development and application of IT technology to the power grid in order to achieve intelligent and efficient integration.

At the same time, a revolution sweeping through the world of “smart grid” brings new technologies and business model innovations. These innovations to the traditional power grid are bound to have a huge market impact, and change or even make obsolete the traditional business models that determine power companies’ codes of conduct. The result is a future of uncertainty and risk.

The 2nd Annual Smartricity Asia Congress 2011 (SAC2011) will be held in 6th-9th September 2011 at Sheraton Hotel Tianjin China, and builds on the sterling reputation of the power and utility series of events that includes the Smartricity Asia Congress 2010 and the Renewable Energy& Grid Integration China 2011. SAC2011 will see utilities from China, Australia, Singapore, India, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Abu Dhabi, Russia, Malaysia and many others that will provide an update on upcoming smart grid initiatives around APAC. The format of the summit is based on two-day double-stream sessions, with presentations of invited and regular papers from academia and industry. SAC2011 is organized by the Oppland Corporation and run with the support of the Tianjin Electric Power Company. We continually improve our research and service to serve as the best communication platform for Industry players to share their views on Smart Grid.

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