Sustainability Knowledge Group introduces ILM-approved stakeholder management masterclass

Sustainability Knowledge Group is dedicating the month of November in Stakeholder Engagement.

Sustainability Knowledge Group is now inviting professionals who wish to make a difference, change career and enrich their knowledge on stakeholder management to join the ILM approved training on 22nd and 23rd in Abu Dhabi.

The training course focuses on the value created by stakeholder engagement and the best ways to manage relations with interested parties.

Stakeholder management lies at the core of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. It can determine business success and is the tool to identify, prevent and manage risks. Managing Stakeholder needs and expectations is directly related to:

  • avoiding unexpected criticism
  • increased participation and buy in of CSR initiatives
  • positive image of the company
  • pro-actively identifying risk issues
  • gaining knowledge and information on specific sustainability topics
  • improved resource allocation and cost management
  • innovation

The approach is interactive, based on international best practice and long experience in developing, managing and evaluating stakeholder engagement initiatives. The training aims to enhance knowledge on stakeholder engagement tools and methodologies, identify ways to inform corporate strategy, and maximise business impact through effective communication.

Global ILM Recognition

Participants receive their “Stakeholder Management masterclass” Certificate from the leading UK Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) verifying their knowledge and successful completion. Additional guidance is provided for the successful completion of the post course assignment.

For more information and to register please visit:

Stakeholder Management Masterclass, 23rd November 2015, Abu Dhabi:

Sustainability and CSR Masterclass, 22nd November 2015, Abu Dhabi:

Contact person, Ms Aglaia Ntili:

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